Mayors Hold Vigil in Protest of Voting Rights Infringements in Greene and Macon Counties

voterIdGraphic2-250x249Mayors from Greene, Macon and Lowndes counties, with members of Saving OurSelves, will hold be a voting rights vigil on the steps of the State Capitol on Friday, May 16th from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The group is protesting the violation of the voting rights of Macon and Greene County citizens whose gaming industries have been improperly closed. Amendments to Alabama’s 1901 Constitution made it possible for residents to vote on allowing for gaming businesses in their counties. Greene and Macon residents voted in favor of the businesses, which provided major boosts to their failing economies. But state authorities raided the gaming facilities, putting thousands out of work. Additionally, the residents and their local authorities have not been allowed to have their day in court.

Friday’s vigil has been strategically planned to take advantage of the fact that candidates for State and Legislative offices will be convening in Montgomery for the annual meeting of the Alabama Democratic Conference (ADC). The ADC Annual Reception, to which all of the Democratic candidates for office have been invited, will be held at 7 p.m. Friday evening.

The vigil has the support of ADC Chairman Dr. Joe Reed. Its members are strong supporters of voting rights and have been invited to attend the rally as well to lend their voices to the struggle for voting rights in the impacted counties.

Parker Griffith, Democratic candidate for Governor, and Dr. Reed will be the keynote speakers at the event, as well as mayors from Macon, Greene, and Lowndes counties.

The rally is part of SOS’ ongoing campaign to raise awareness of extreme policies and immoral use of Alabama laws to suppress and circumvent the will of the people who have legally exercised their voting rights.