Get Out The Vote

Mobile-FreedomSundaygeneralVoting matters now more than ever, as extreme policies in local, state and national politics threaten the hard-fought rights won by Americans of good conscience. The future is now, starting with the ballot box. Please do all you can to encourage your members of your family, houses of worship and organizations to vote in this crucial mid-term election season.


Extremists Killed Us to Keep Us from the Ballot Box

So What’s Your Excuse Now???

18 Reasons Why You Should Vote If You’re 18 Years Old or Older

1.     You give up your power to help change the quality of your life and your children’s lives if you don’t vote.

2.     Alabama’s current extreme government will continue to deny poor people the right to health insurance if you don’t vote.

3.     The minimum wage may not be raised if you don’t vote.

4.     Your food stamps can be cut off or greatly reduced if you don’t vote.

5.     Section 8 housing can be reduced if you don’t vote.

6.      Your school loans can be cut off if you don’t vote.

7.     Pell grants for college can be eliminated if you don’t vote.

8.     Police officers will be allowed to continue to stop and arrest you for nothing if you don’t vote.

9.     Your unemployment benefits will not be extended if you don’t vote.

10.  The right to work free from discrimination on your job can be taken away if you don’t vote.

11.  Alabama will remain in the control of Tea Party political extremists if you don’t vote.

12.  Your tax dollars will be increasingly used to help fund private schools if you don’t vote.

13.  Efforts to have no sales taxes on food and clothes will fail if you don’t vote.

14.  High bonds for some and low bonds for others will continue if you don’t vote.

15.  The citizens’ right to speak at council meetings will not be restored if you don’t vote.

16.  Land can be given to extremist groups to honor Ku Klus Klansmen if you don’t vote.

17.  Drug raids in only the Black community will continue if you don’t vote.

18.  You will continue to be a 3rd class citizen if you don’t vote.

On Nov. 4th, go to the polls and vote out the extremists who are trying to impeach President Barack Obama and take away the rights our freedom fighters won for us.

Forward Together, Not One Step Back!!

The SOS Movement for Justice & Democracy