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What is S.O.S.?

Saving Ourselves (S.O.S.) is a Movement for Justice and Democracy.  It is a network of 32 organizations that organized in response to efforts to gut the preclearance provision of the Voting Rights Act.


A Shelby County African American elected official was un-elected when his majority Black district was redistricted to a 20% Black district without preclearance from the Justice Department (as required by Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act). A day after President Obama was re-elected, the U.S. Supreme Court decided to hear the Shelby County case and eventually ruled in favor of the redistricting plan by finding that Section 4 of the Act was unconstitutional.


S.O.S. Actions

Prior to the ruling, 32 organizations in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi came together to launch a campaign to save the Act.  They remained together after the Court’s adverse ruling in June 2013 and decided to strengthen their network, to craft a Southern strategy to restore and protect the Voting Rights Act, to dismantle voter suppression laws, and to register and educate thousands of people to foil the mission of the extremists in the “wrong wing,” with a mission that is immoral, anti-democratic and un-American.

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