Expand Medicaid in Alabama

expand_medicaid_now_300x170Leaders in S.O.S. and its partner organizations have been leading the charge to expand Medicaid to thousands of under-insured and uninsured citizens of Alabama in accordance with the Affordable Care Act.

Alabama is one of 19 Republican-controlled states whose governors have refused to expand Medicaid for its citizens. Starting with the 2014 Selma Jubilee, SOS’s Health Committee and member organizations are making a push to get 10,000 signatures in a petition to Alabama Gov. Dr. Robert Bentley to do the right thing and offer the gift of good health to more Alabama citizens.

We will present the signatures to the governor at our May 31, 2014 rally on the Alabama Capitol steps. 

Expanding Medicaid would provide medical coverage to 200,000 people in the state of Alabama that fall into the “coverage gap” between Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act, which includes 152,000 who are working and have no medical coverage. The lack of understanding on the part of the public about the Affordable Health Care Law and the significance of expanding Medicaid leaves them deprived of information about what is in their best interest.

This petition drive and rally are an earnest effort of SOS’s health committee to equip fellow citizens people with the right information they need to advocate for what is best for them and their families.

Gov. Bentley and our Legislature are making adverse policy decisions that are directly impacting our lives. The power to make a difference rests in the hands and the votes of citizens who want to see the right thing happen in Alabama.




Picking Up the Phone

Call your elected officials to make your voice heard, letting them know that expanding Medicaid must be done now.

Getting the Facts and Tell Your Neighbors

Help us spread the word about the rally. Spread the word across the state in churches, festivals, town halls, conferences, community events, salons and barber shops.


Download our “Medicaid fact sheet” here, Download


Signing the Petition

You can sign our petition and getting signatures of others who want to see Medicaid expanded in Alabama. Fill out the petition sheet and mail it back to us.


Download our petition sheet here, Download

Or, you can sign the online petition by clicking on the image in the sidebar. The online campaign states:

Governor Bentley do the right thing. Expand Medicaid and insure health care to over 200,000 Alabamians, including 152,000 who are working and still have no medical coverage.

If Alabama accepts Medicaid expansion, there are two major benefits it will enjoy: Increased Economic Activity & Job Growth.

Increased Economic Activity. For example, a recent study by two professors at the UAB estimated that the Medicaid coverage expansion would reduce the state’s uninsured population by 232,000 individuals, while generating $20 billion in new economic activity, and a $935 million increase in net state tax revenue. If you deduct the $770 million in costs for Alabama’s Medicaid expansion, from the $1.7 billion in new tax revenues, the state comes out ahead by almost $1 billion dollars, according to their estimates.

Job Growth. The new infusion of federal dollars could support nearly 12,000+ jobs across all sectors of Alabama’s economy by 2016, according to a report by Families USA; and, this is not just limited to health care jobs. (5)

With these facts, in mind, why not expand? 



Telling Your Story

One of the persons negatively impacted by our state’s refusal to expand Medicaid could be you. Or someone you love. If you are willing to tell your story — and your friends, family members and neighbors are willing to share theirs, please let us know by filling out the “Tell Your Affordable Healthcare Story.”


You can download the “Tell Your Affordable Healthcare Story” form here, Download



Joining the Rally!

Become part of the Movement by joining us and our partners on May 31, 2014 for the rally on the steps of the Alabama Capitol Building. Let your voice, one of thousands, be heard and make your vote count!


Download the flyer for distribution by clicking here, Download


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6 thoughts on “Expand Medicaid in Alabama

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  2. This is excellent work; I appreciate also the informative website. I’d hoped to see the Apr. 9 release from Barbara Howard asking churches to dedicate Sundays through the end of May to informing and reminding “parishioners of their moral responsibility to look after ‘the least of these.'” I’m emailing my Auburn UU pastor, who is active in the Ministerial Alliance, and she could share that specific info with other pastors. Can you plz send a digital version? It’s good to have that release on a page listing all the organizations involved in SOS.

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  6. I know someone who died because of medicaid denial, despite having blood cancer. Contact me if want more info.

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