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S.O.S. Mission 

The mission of S.O.S. is to wage a campaign and re-ignite a movement to restore and maintain unfettered voting rights, which must be secured in order to secure labor, women, immigration, health and other vital rights essential to a just, democratic nation.  Although the concerns of the network are multi-faceted, the agenda of S.O.S. is focused on voting rights and related issues, which is fundamental to other vital rights. A strong southern regional network is necessary to facilitate a grassroots movement because a national-led movement is no longer feasible from the top down.

The short-term goal is to use the Bridge Crossing Jubilee Commemoration of Bloody Sunday and Voting Rights Struggle as a venue to launch a campaign to educate and register one million voters by March 7, 2015, the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, which is necessary to move Congress to restore the Act.

Although the network’s concerns are multi-faceted, its agenda is focused on voting rights. S.O.S. is launching a campaign to re-ignite a movement that restores and maintains unfettered voting rights, which helps secure labor, women, immigrant, health and other vital rights that are essential to a just, democratic nation.

See a list of our coalition members. 

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7 thoughts on “Our Mission

  • Marguerite Munch-Weber

    I am interested in walking from Selma to Montgomery to celebrate the 50th anniversary in March 2015. Is there a group or a few people interested in doing it ?
    I can do it in three or three and a half day (I am a hiker). Is there hotels I can stay at between Selma and Montgomery? or do I have to plan someone to pick me up everyday.
    If no one is doing it. You should think about organizing a group. I know a few people who might be interested.
    I would appreciate any info you could give me.
    Suggestions: I think you should contact runners organizations and create a yearly
    marathon: SELMA TO MONTGOMERY in one or two days. I think lots of runners would be interested. It would bring tourists from all over and make money for the Museum of Civil Rights Movement. Work on it! We have so many marathons,
    New York, Boston…… We need a Selma to Montgomery marathon (it would remind people not to forget and it also become a money making event for Selma, Montgomery and Alabama)

    • Alan

      An interesting suggestion; a 2-3 day walk to Montgomery would be cool.
      I was present when everyone started out on Mar. 21, 1965, but did not march to Montgomery.
      We plan on attending, but are puzzled why no events appear to be scheduled on the actual date (?).
      Since our window of opportunity is limited, we’re torn between attending commemorative events the “first weekend” or arriving around the 21st, to make my absence EXACTLY 50 years!
      We’d be very interested in learning of more options…

      • SOS Admin Post author


        Please send me an email with your questions and schedules. I will pass it along to the folks we know who can provide you with the information you need. Thanks for reaching out to us!

        • Alan

          We’re just problem-solving right now, uncertain whether to attend the “first weekend in March” activities, or wait ’til the 21st if anything is scheduled for the day the march actually began. The official (?) web site, to our thinking, failed to adequately explain what would be going on. Also, one daughter in Ga. wants to join us and we’d have to find out when she can take off from work. Bottom line at this point: We need more definitive info before we can schedule anything.

      • Claire Isaacs Wahrhaftig

        Thank heavens you are organizing a mission to bring the problem of weakening voting rights to the publci (thanks-no-thanks to our Supreme Court last year).

        I went to Selma in 1965 from San Francisco, to get the laws changed , and I never want to see them weakened.
        many eventgs spread out over two weeks.obut

        But no one seems to consider the idea of bringing all of us who marched fifty years ago together to share experiences and reminiscences. Also we should be interviewed for oral histories. Maybe get together for a luncheon, brunch, coffee or similar.

        I too cannot decide exactly which times to be in Selma, as there are events stretching out over a two week period. come. I cannot At age 81 and somewhat disabled, I have to limit my activiites a bit. I cannot march any distance, but i sureiy can stand and salute and commemorate Selma. One of the best things I ever did was going to Selma in 1965. It is in my heart always.

        Claire Isaacs Wahrhaftig

        P.S. I am awaiting the new film on Slema, to see how accurate it is. (Out in January.)
        Berkeley, Ca.

  • Alan

    Daughter, who’s coming along, can only manage a weekend off because she’s pursuing an advanced degree in criminology (interesting reflection on all those beatings & murders), so we’re limiting ourselves to the 7th & 8th. A word to the wise: could get a room anywhere near Selma at this late date; the closest available were on the far side of Montgomery! I think the movie, Selma, will escalate the event to a great, big, deal…