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  1. Hi; I marched in 1965 with a group from San Frnaciscoi,. I am now 82 year oild and will be returning to Selma. I”ll be in Montgomery stdayign with Kim Davis, March 3-6, and from March 7 in Selma with Jawana Jackson. Mhy dearest wish is to locate others who
    marched then from out of state, especialy from California and San Francisco. There shouydl be agatehrign palce and signup forus!

    Please, can’t there be a gathering place for us to meet one another, and also to sign alist of us who pariticpated.
    I shall attemt adtempt to sed you the web site onw which a story abcout my personal lexpeirences are published.

    Claire Isaacs Wahrhaftig

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