The Caravan

The Caravan for Democracy: From the State Capitols to the Nation’s Capitol will leave from the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma and will stop in state capitals along the way to Washington, D.C.. for voter education/registration rallies because these are the states that have passed some of the worst voter suppression laws since the enactment of the voting Rights Act. Other cars will leave from their respective cities and states, and meet the Selma caravan on March 12th in D.C.

  • On Monday, March 10, the Caravan will stop at the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery and at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta. 
  • On Tuesday, March 11, the Caravan will stop at the South Carolina Capitol in Columbia and the North Carolina State Capitol in Raleigh.
  • On Wednesday, March 12, the Caravan will make its last stop at the Virginia State Capitol stop in Richmond and then the U.S. Capitol.

In D.C., caravan riders and those from other cities who join them will gather at the U.S. Supreme Court, then march to the nation’s capitol for a rally where we will urge Congress to pass comprehensive legislation to fully restore the pre-clearance provisions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

Scheduled speakers at the state rallies and in Washington, D.C., include: Rev. William Barber II, North Carolina NAACP; Bernard Simelton, Alabama NAACP; Rev. Joseph Lowery; Congresswoman Maxine Waters; Rev. Charles Steele, Southern Christian Leadership Conference; radio host Joe Madison; Faya Rose Sanders; Cynthia Palmer, Alabama Sen. Hank Sanders; Tuskegee Mayor Johnny Ford.; Clayola Brown; Frank Barragan, South Alabama Regional Organizer at Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice.

Download the complete Caravan Logistical Schedule, revised March 5, 2014: Download

Download hotel information for the planned stops: Download




Alabama – S.O.S.,  email:,  (334) 262-0932

Birmingham — Metro Birmingham NAACP, Hezekiah Jackson,  email:,  (205) 714-5860

Selma– Faya Rose Sanders, email:

Tuskegee– Mayor Johnny Ford, email:



Atlanta – Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), Stacy Thomas


(404) 522-1420

Atlanta – Coalition for People’s Agenda, Helen Butler


(404) 524-8683


South Carolina

Columbia — South Carolina Progressive Network


(803) 808-3384


North Carolina

North Carolina /NAACP/Moral Mondays, Rev. William Barber II




Richmond — Virginia Organing, Cathy Woodson


(804) 683-1227



Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement, Cynthia Palmer


(601) 977-7914



The Peace Society/Hip Hop Opera Company of America, Patricia Muhammad


(859) 258-7815







































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