Medicaid expansion

Faithful Seven Arrested at Alabama Capitol Found NOT GUILTY 1

(Montgomery, AL Oct. 6, 2014) — The seven Alabamians arrested for singing and praying in the State Capitol as an act of faith in support of health care and Medicaid expansion were found not guilty following their trial in Montgomery County District Court today.  The purpose of their moral stand […]

SOS Brings 13,000 Signatures to May 31 Rally Urging Medicaid Expansion in Alabama

(Montgomery, AL May 28, 2014) – Save OurSelves (SOS) Movement for Justice and Democracy will flood the office of Gov. Dr. Robert Bentley with as many as 13,000 signatures at its May 31st rally in Montgomery urging him to expand Medicaid in Alabama. SOS member organizations have united churches and supporters […]

Gov. Bentley Asked to Attend SOS’ Medicaid Expansion Rally on May 31

Alabama Sen. Hank Sanders, a co-founding member of the Save Ourselves Movement for Justice and Democracy, sent a letter to Gov. Dr. Robert Bentley, respectfully asking him to attend the SOS rally to expand Medicaid in Alabama under the Affordable Care Act. Gov. Bentley and state GOP leaders have expressed […]