Truth & Justice Tuesdays

100_0474Members of the Saving OurSelves (S.O.S.) coalition rally every Tuesday on the steps of the Alabama State Capital in a movement for justice and democracy on truth and justice.

SOS and its member organizations are standing up for political, educational, social, and economic equity for all citizens. In particular, the coalition each week calls on Alabama Gov. Dr. Robert Bentley to “put people before politics” and expand Medicaid in our state.

Other topics will be targeted during Truth and Justice Tuesdays, including: Voting (education, registration, suppression); Health (Expansion of Medicaid and availability of ACA enrollment information); Education (Alabama Accountability Act and funding for Pre-K); Immigration (legalities and pathways to citizenship); and Economic Rights (an end to predatory lending and limitations of fees).


S.O.S. Health Committee Chair Barbara Howard, an active member of the NAACP Alabama State Conference, told past rally participants that “we will continue to rally here at the State Capitol every week at twelve noon on Truth and Justice Tuesday until Gov. Bentley does the right thing for all the people of Alabama and expands Medicaid.  The uninsured and under-insured people of Alabama need the health insurance coverage offered through the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid.  The people of Alabama need the jobs that would be generated and the State needs the economic growth.  We won’t give up! We won’t go back!”

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